Friday, September 20, 2013

You might Just make it after all...

Here I'm am. A 40 year old women back in school trying to re-invent my life again. Had you had asked me at 20 if you thought this is where I'd be at 40 I probably would not have believed you. But, never the less here I am. I feel like Mary starting all over , but without a hat to toss in the air. *Note to ones self:get hat to toss. Interior Design has been all ways been something my Mother and I have done while I was growing up. I think I had hundreds of bedroom styles while I was a child. We would jump into the car on the week-ends on the hunt for the perfect lamp or what have you. So, it seemed like a good fit for me. School has been great so much to learn. So, I thought to myself "new life? new blog"? Why not pass onto all of you some of the fun stuff I'm learn and spare you the pricey tuition costs that I have. So deep breath, get set , get ready because knowing me...this could go astray somewhere. LOL So I present to you Wallflower Diaries ( get it wallflower? wallpaper? Yeah feel free to groan. hehe).

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