Monday, September 23, 2013

Jim Dear and Darling's House

Most of you out there know the movie Lady and The Tramp. The romantic movie about two dogs. But, how many of you know that sweet looking Victorian House owned by Jim Dear and Darling is a real house? That's right it is. It's at 226 Main Street In Matawan, New Jersey.
Who wouldn't want to live in this dreamy home? I know watching the movie as a child (My Mom's favorite) I always did. Curl up by the fire..."Night Dear. Night Darling". Le sigh!


  1. One of my favorites - such a gorgeous house too! I've always been curious where L&T was supposed to take place. Is there a source or reference that ties the blue victorian in Matawan to the one drawn by Disney? just curious.

    1. Good question. There has been much debate over whether or not this or a house in San Francisco was in fact that inspired their home.There was a set build for them to get the angles just right on a sound lot and the streets were inspired by Marceline, Missouri were Disney grew up. The house's address in the movie is 2137 Park Avenue Old New England Town, USA. As far as proof goes...this is the stuff of urban legend.Maybe, the owners just claimed it. I have always hear it was this house. But, check out the other one and see what you think. 1834 California Street in San Francisco, California. Perhaps I'll email Disney Studios and see what they say. :) Either way it's a pretty house.

  2. Sarah are you following Mike Perza on Facebook? He is one of the animators for Disney if you are into that stuff. It's fun to see the work they do. I'm asking him for you. :)