Saturday, September 21, 2013

Don't Let Color Be Your Wheaton

Ok first off Warning! I also speak TV. You will get use to it so, follow along. Now let's talk how you mix and match colors in a room.First pick colors that have the same intensity. That means don't mix richer tones with pastels or dusty and jewel tones.Pick colors on paint samples that are the same number down from the top. Or think of it this way. These 2 colors are buddies. They get each other like no one else. Pick up girls in a Vampire Bar by wearing arm sleeve tattoos? Suuuurrreee why not. Makes sense to them because they get where the other one is coming from.
These could be contrasting colors. These are 2 colors from different segments of the color wheel. They are total opposites, such as yellow and blue. Once is cool and the other is warm. Opposites attract and with colors this is no different.At first they seem like they wouldn't work but, get them together finally and you see that they complement each other nicely.
Or perhaps you prefer a tone on tone look? This is layer the same color only in slightly different intensities. Basically these colors are mixed from the stuff. They are just a little different from each other.But, still kinda the same.BAZINGA!
Don't let color intimidate you. Have fun and be bold. Color is your friend...not your Wheaton!

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