Sunday, September 22, 2013

Brady Bedding Bunch

Brady Bedding Bunch say that fast 6 times! How to uses all those pieces of bedding through the Brady Bunch. Yes I said The Brady Bunch so, let's have a Sunshine Day!
1 The euro sham: These decorative pillows covering are usually finished with a flange. Euro Shams are placed behind the standard size pillows shams or cases as a background or placed in front of the cases and shams.Can be done either way is right or wrong. They often coordinate with either the Duvet Cover or the Comforter. Think of this as your Greg pillow. He is the oldest and the sounding board for the other kids in the family. Greg is the pillows all the other lean on.
2.Either Standard Shams and or Standard Pillow Cases: A decorative pillow that may either be placed behind or in front of the pillows.You can sleep on these , but I'd say have the Standard pillow in front of it is you do. They are placed behind the cases in your bed. This is your Jan. Poor Jan feel stuck in the middle and never really thinks she gets to shine, but at the end of the day Jan is the one we count on.
3.Boudoir Pillow: These are small pillows which match or coordinate with the fabric of your bedspread or comforter set. They can be adorn with ruffles, beads or tassels. These pillows are your Marcia. She loves to stand out and get noticed. If these pillows could brush their hair a 100 me they would.
4.Breakfast Pillow: Usually not as decorative as the Boudoir Pillow this is the pint sized version of it. Sweet little Cindy pillow right there.
5. Neck Roll Pillow: Not as glam as the other two decorative pillows. But, this little pillow is there to support you at the end of the day. He may not be big like the Euro shams , but he tries really hard. Say hello to the Bobby pillow.
6 Comforter : Like Jan the Peter comforter/duvet he feels kinds in the shadows of everyone else in the family of bedding. But, he sets the tone and the foundation. If he "changes" they others have to adjust for him.
Mind you I skipped over the Fitted sheet and the flat sheet , but need less to say those are your Mike & Carol. We all know their roles. You could even talk about Alice aka the bed skirt that keeps it all tidy.
There you have it. The Brady Bunch of bedding.Have fun making your bed and Keep on Movin'
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