Sunday, September 29, 2013

How to Tell a Loveseat from a Settee

Often people get at Loveseat and a Settee confused. First off let's start with the Loveseat.
A Loveseat is like a small sofa. It's only really meant for two people to sit in it. Or just a love? haha Maybe. A Loveseat can be backless or have an upholstered back on it and is separate from the other furniture.
Next up is the Settee.[set-tee]
A Settee is more like a bench and a loveseats love child really. It is an upholstered seat also, but can fit two or more people on if depending on the size. It typically with a back and arms. If it isn't upholstered than it's a bench.They can be tricky to tell aprt , but the settee often has more curves and some wood showing through also.

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