Monday, January 12, 2015

Bookshelves with Style in The Seven Kingdoms

Ok what to do with those bookshelves you have in your house that feel a bit blah? There are many diffrent things you can do with your shelves to add some punch. Let's take a look with the help of the The Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. That's right Game of Thrones! First let's start with the books. Your building blocks if you will. Your House of Stark. Very honorable and noble alone. They don't boost about themselves , you must dig deeper to find out what they are hiding. But, sometimes you need to shake them up and change their placement to really get them to be interesting.
Next up add a collection. Take a chance and add some sparkle and shine. This is your House Lannister. Like items add a cohesive look when they are the same shape, color or texture and as we know The Lannister's like to ...uuummm cough stick together. Let them hear you roar in stylist pieces.
Family , Duty and Honor says The House of Tully. Take their lead and add some personal items. Family photos, items from trips and such. Keep them with a theme for a cleaner look.
Don't forget the land you are fighting so hard for. Add some elements from nature. Plants , seashell, coral and such.
You can add some art for some much needed eye candy. Bookshelves are a great way to show off your pretty stuff.
Finally trust your gut and stay true to yourself. This is your House, Your Family and Your Style. Have fun with it. Hodor!

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