Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Designies? Design Geeks? Whatever Movies About Design.

The Foodies know all the good movies featuring yummy meals and the sports nuts have their themes too. But, what about the Design lovers ? Now we all can name tons of movies where they feature killer interiors , but what about the movies about getting there and the people behind them?
Pillow Talk (1959): Doris Day plays Jan Morrow, a very fashionable(check out those hats!) New York interior decorator. This movie has romance, comedy,and late 50's pastel designs.
Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (1948): Ok think The Money Pit in black and white starring Cary Grant. The New York couple buy a fixer upper in Connecticut and and it proves to be much more than they had planned on. Another romantic comedy with a great line about picking paint.

The Money Pit (1986): Speaking of The Money Pit! Who couldn't love this funny Tom Hanks film ? You guessed it ANOTHER film about a NYC couple that greats in over their heads remodeling their dream home in the country. I think there might be a second theme running along here. That's ok I do love Tom.
Please Don't Eat the Daisies (1960): Doris Day *check*, NYC *check*, moves to the country *check*, buys a fixer upper *check* , romantic comedy *check check*. Hehe Don't get me wrong love this move and Doris. It is a great movie.
Duplex (2003): Ok mixing it up a little bit.NYC couple buys a duplex in the CITY. It DOESN'T need fixed up , but it does come with annoying neighbor.See? It's a little different. hehe Cute and funny film.

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