Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Art Nouveau vs. Art Deco Which Is Which?

People often get these two confused. So, how do you tell which is which? I wrote a very long winded paper on this that I will spare you of. Think of this as your Cliff Notes version. Art Nouvea started roughly around 1880 till about the start of WWI. It feature more nature inspired themes in a stylized way. Think birds and dragonflies. Think fairies and flowers and you are on the right track.

Art Deco on the other hand started after the war and had a more streamline feeling to it. It featured more geometric shapes and felt more man made.Think opulence and glamor and you are on the right track. Shiny steel/metal and more industrial.

Ok quiz time. Can you now tell which is which ? Art Nouveau or Art Deco ?

oɔǝp ʇɹɐ :q ' nɐǝʌnou ʇɹɐ ʇɹɐ :ɐ
nɐǝʌnou ʇɹɐ ʇɹɐ :q 'oɔǝp ʇɹɐ :ɐ
oɔǝp ʇɹɐ :q ' nɐǝʌnou ʇɹɐ ʇɹɐ :ɐ

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