Friday, October 18, 2013

Three's Company

In design there is a rule called the "Rule of 3". That mean to bring balance and harmony to a space. The idea is that 3 or odd numbers is more interesting to look at than even numbers.
Rule of three noun Mathematicsdated noun: rule of three; plural noun: rules of three 1. a method of finding a number in the same ratio to a given number as exists between two other given numbers.. I know yawn, right? Ok let's break this down a bit more. We all like couples right? Well in design couples are often The Odd Couple.
They don't always work together as happily as they should and often it feels a little lack luster. 3 seems to stick in your brain and makes us happy to look at. I could tell you all about negative spacing and symmetry, I know yawn again.Let's keep this light shall we? Just keep in mind a progression in your 3. It can be by size, texture or even by color. Try grouping like items for more balance. Remember design is suppose to be fun , so don't over think this rule. Next time if things look a bit off in a room , try the handy dandy rule of 3 and see if it doesn't make a difference. Come on and knock on my door. We have been waiting for you....

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