Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The House Fashion Built.

Glamor Magazine just put out their Dos and Don't 2013 Fall Fashion report. Nikki Ogunnaike wrote up a list of this seasons hottest fashion tips , but did you know those same tips work for your home?
That is what this chair is. A statement piece all the way.Adda bit of texture with a black feather pillow and trust me people will notice.
Not everything has to be so safe and boring.Add a fun print or a pop of color to add personality to a room or a simple black chair.
I heard a friend once say that she was sick of those trendy patterns. Most are classic prints just coming back around. They aren't trendy...they are classic. So go for it. They will always be in fashion.
Now having said that, I do feel most people over do the animal prints. One piece in a room is all you need. Don't over do it and it will look classic.
Pantone's color of the year 2013 was Emerald and I couldn't be happier. Great fun , rich color.
Mix up your textures and your patterns a bit. Have fun with it and see the depth it gives your furniture.
Love the winter whites. Might not be for those with kids or furry kids , but for those who's pretty amazing looking.
This isn't your parent's skirted furniture we are talking about. Say yes to the little extra flare on your chair.
When people hear leather chair they often think club chair or wing back. But, it can be so much more. Think sexy, think pretty, think stylish...think leather.
Who knew the military khaki could be so pretty.Take a second look at this chair.

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