Sunday, September 28, 2014

Go Go Gadget Apps!

Smart phones and apps are great for games, music,books and watching Netflix all from the palm of your hand. But,they are also great for interior designers. First up is ColorSnap® Paint Color Matching App | Sherwin-Williams.
You are out and about and see a color that you would just love for your bedroom? Take a picture of it and the app will help you find that perfect bedroom color. Plus more...
ColorSmart by BEHR® Mobile

Take a photo of your room and see it in all different paint shades for BEHR. Take the guess work out of picking paint.

 iHandy Carpenter
Rulers, levels and more. Oh My! Fix that crooked painting without breaking out your tool box. I say yes. Well mostly because I don't really have a tool box. I have some tools , but frankly they are scattered in some junk drawers. I'm not super handy , so I really like this one.
Photo Measures
Keeps your measurements for you while out shopping for that new sofa. You note the measurements right on the photo.
RoomScan - The app that draws floor plans by itself!
Touch each wall with your phone and it draws the floor plan for you. Ok another truth moment. I hate drawing blue prints in class. It is so painstaking and boring to me. Love design , but hate drawing floor plans. It was my only B grade in school so far and yes I'm still a bit bitter over it. hehe Autodesk® Homestyler®
Want to see what certain furniture would look like in your room before you buy it? This app will do that. I could keep going , but there are TONS of these kind of apps out there. Not sure if there is anyone out there reading this. This new blog has been so quite. But, if you feel like letting my know you like some other apps let me know. Or if you are just out there...I can't hear you breathing. Finally I leave you with a song to get trapped in your head all day. Because I'm a little mean like that :P

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